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Calculating Your Levothyroxine Dosage Thyroid Fact or Fiction?

In 2009, there were many folks reporting problems with the newly-formulated Armour (and that has been true for 2015, sadly), just as there was a growing body of individuals stating they are switching to Naturethroid by RLC Labs (formerly Western Research), another prescription brand of desiccated thyroid which also makes WP Thyroid.

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Today, there are even more quality brands to consider.

Levothyroxine <b>Synthroid</b> - Side Effects, Dosage, Interactions.

ARMOR users only, what dose are you on? SparkPeople

This medication should not be used for weht loss.

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Hi all, I am new to this , and am starting split dosing my Armour thyroid.

Synthroid mg chart:

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